Lemmon Fibers + Complex of Plants

Advancis® Lemon Plus is a food supplement in tablets with lemon fibers. The formula is completed with Sacred bark, Aloe Vera, Black alder, Boldo, and FOS (Fructooligosaccharides). The synergic action of its constituents favors slimming due to its detox action, through the improvement of liver and digestive function and through a diuretic effect. Citrus fruits, as such, have long been valued for their wholesome nutritious and antioxidant properties. It is now appreciated that other biologically active, non-nutrient compounds found in citrus fruits such as phyto-chemical antioxidants, soluble as well as insoluble dietary fibers are helpful in reduction obesity. Lemon fruit contains zero saturated fats or cholesterol and are good source of dietary fiber. Lemon is one of the very low glycemic fruits.

Recommended Daily Dosage
  • Take 1 tablet per day, preferably at dinner.
  • It is recommended to drink at least 1,5L of water per day.
  • 30 Tablets of 900 mg.