During the day, is natural for people to experience different levels of sleepiness and alertness. Sleep is regulated by two body systems: sleep/wake homeostasis and the circadian rhythm. Many factors influence the equilibrium of these systems, like stress, emotional imbalance and jet-leg. Stress can cause many types of physical and emotional symptoms: forgetfulness, headache or sleeping disorders. The body reacts to stress by releasing hormones which stimulate the brain to be more alert, cause muscles to tense and increase pulse. These reactions help to handle with the stress factor. However, when in excess, stress can impair physical and cognitive functions, leading to imbalance and chaos.

The products included in Advancis® Sleep and Relax Care category, help to restore the biological rhythm and are an aid to have more pacific and peaceful moments. They are the perfect partner for intense and demanding life periods. This category includes products that target different problems, like lack of sleep, anxiety, emotional and psychological imbalance and are also adapted for children and adults.