Advancis® Capilar Gold is the result of recent research finds which point out new strategies to fight hair loss. The Advancis® Capilar Gold formula has been strengthened with the addition the key amino acids for hair growth and stop hair loss, L-Taurine and L-Cystine, and 3 minerals Copper, Selenium and Iron. These ingredients not only have been associated to hair loss situations, in situations of organism deficiency, but also have proven benefits when given in oral supplements.

Advancis® Capilar Gold maintains the benefits of Advancis® Capilar, due to the presence of Antioxidants, B complex Vitamins and important ingredients.

When to Recommend
  • Helps decrease seasonal or chronic hair loss
  • Thin and volumeless hair
  • Nail strengthening
Recommended Daily Dosage

Take 1 of the white and 1 of the blue capsules, once a day with one of the main meals.

Advancis® Capilar Gold should be taken regularly for a period of 3 months.

The treatment must be repeated twice a year, preferably during winter and summer time (hair loss season periods).

  • 30 capsules 710 mg
  • + 30 capsules of 720 mg