Digestive Wellbeing

Advancis® ColiBaby is a food supplement with lactase, facilitates baby’s digestion and helps decrease colic. This product can be taken by babies from birth, both in the case of breastfeeding or baby formula. Advancis® ColiBaby is a food supplement that helps baby digesting lactose without replacing the functionality of the baby’s enzymatic system. Advancis® ColiBaby is easy to use and has a pleasant flavour, it does not need previous preparation.

Lactose Intolerance

Lactase deficiency occurs when the body does not produce lactase in the necessary amount to fully digest sugar from milk. Consequently, lactose is undigested in the small intestine, which can cause colic, gas or diarrhea symptoms. During the first phases of life, a significant population of babies and children can present partial malabsorption syndrome of carbohydrates, present in mother’s milk or baby formula, due to the enzymatic digestive system immaturity. Babies produce lactase, but they do not produce it in a sufficient amount. Various studies indicate that a transitory deficiency in lactase can represent a causal factor for children’s colic.

Intestinal microflora plays several functions that are essential for the proper functioning of the organism:
  • Role on the nutrition and metabolism, as result of biochemical activity and flora.
  • Protection functions, preventing the invasion of pathogenic microorganisms (barrier effect).
  • Trophic functions on the proliferation and differentiation of intestinal epithelium and the development and modulation of the immune system.
When to Recommend
  • Relief of baby colic and abdominal discomfort
  • From birth
Recommended Daily Dosage

To be taken with every meal and while the symptoms of colic remain.
With Mother’s Milk:
Place the adequate number of drops in a coffeespoon, according to the
age of the baby and administer directly in the mouth of the baby.
In the Baby Formula:
Add the adequate number of drops directly to cold or warm milk, according to the amount of milk.

  • 15 ml Oral Solution in a Dropper jar.