FARMODIÉTICA was founded in 1985 with the intention of creating the best health and wellness solutions.

Especialized in food supplements, we ensure the quality of our products through a careful selection of substances and raw materials, a production accuracy and the commitment on technological development and innovation. All of our products are manufactured complying to high quality standards, always certified with GMP's (Good Manufacturing Practices).

We have a technical team, with pharmacists and nutritionists that cooperate with research, development and providing the needed support to ensure a successful implementation. We also have a wide range of health products and food supplements meant to relieve some slight common affections and to satisfy nutritional needs in weight loss programs.


We already export our products to Greece, Lebanon, Kuwait, Cape Verde, Mozambique, Angola and United States of America. We are committed to long term success. Therefore we develop partnerships with our distributors, providing them a wide range of products ready to market, along with the technical, commercial and marketing support needed to ensure a successful implementation.

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