Enhanced Formula with Bacopa, Omega-3 & L-Arginine

Advancis® Smart Plus is a brain tonic directed for the reinforcement of cognitive abilities, improvement of intellectual performance and difficulties concentrating and memorizing. Represents a significant aid in periods of high intellectual demand (e.g. study and exam periods) and in the reinforcement of the cognitive function in children, adults and elderly people.

Particularly useful in periods of greater stress, characterized by a higher intellectual effort, and which frequently culminate in situations of mental and emotional stress, with a significant impact on the personal, professional or academic life.

When to Recommend
  • Difficulty in concentrating and memorizing in young people and elderly
  • Reinforcement of the cognitive and learning capabilities
  • Improvement of intellectual performance
  • Study and exam periods
  • Periods of high intellectual stress
  • Loss of memory and concentration in elderly people
Recommended Daily Dosage
  • capsule a day, after a main meal.
  • In cases of greater need, increase the intake up to 2 capsules per day (one in the morning, other one at night).
  • 30 Capsules of 1400 mg.