Rapid onset of action, Pain and swelling relief and Anti-inflammatory action

Advancis® Flexijoints SOS is a Food Supplement indicated in situations of joint pain or trauma due to its ingredients anti-inflammatory properties. The Advancis® Flexijoints SOS was formulated to combine dierent ingredients acting synergistically to relief joint pain and improve joint functioning.

One of the key ingredients is Meadowsweet an European plant traditionally used for the relief of articular pain. The anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxant and analgesic eects of Meadowsweet are due to its high quantity of salicylates derivates. Glucosamine and Chondroitin are natural components of the cartilage, who have anti-inflammatory properties and have mechanic and elastic properties. MSM is a naturally occurring compound found in green plants that has also displayed anti-inflammatory activity. Hyaluronic acid completes the formulation increasing the joint capacity to absorb shock and mobility, thus reducing pain causes.

When to Recommend
  • Acute situations of joints pain or trauma
  • Joint pain
  • Risk groups:
    • Sport lovers with repeated micro traumas
    • Practice of deceleration sports (jumps)
Recommended Daily Dosage
  • Take 1 vial daily, preferably with breakfast.
  • 30 Vials of 10 ml.