With the increase in the life span and a more active life style, problems with joints and cartilage are very common nowadays. Osteoarthrosis is a syndrome of the entire synovial joint, and affects the underlying bone, synovium, meniscus, ligaments/tendons and articular cartilage. Progressive degradation and eventual loss of articular cartilage is the pathological hallmark of Osteoarthrosis, and is a major target for exploring disease-modifying treatments. Substances that protect articular cartilage during the course of Osteoarthrosis have been termed Chondroprotective agents.

Advancis® Bone & Joint Care products have these protective agents, namely Hyaluronic acid, Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, Filipendula Ulmaria, amongst others. These substances reverse the arthritic degenerative process and encourage normalization of the synovial fluid and cartilage matrix, they have known effects of cartilage protection, cartilage regeneration, anti-inflammatory action, pain relief and improvement of life quality in people with joint impairment.  A complete range of products with effective Formulas and different Pharmaceutical Forms that adapts to different needs.